Bottom hole costs

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Measurements can be transmitted to the surface, usually via an electric cable, or recorded in downhole memory powered by batteries. In highly deviated wells, this component may be included towards the foot of the completion. A strong acid usually hydrochloric acid is used to dissolve rock formations, but this acid does not react with the Hydrocarbons. Real-time readouts are especially beneficial for transient measurements that require time for the pressure to stabilize and radial flow to develop. In this case little expense is generated with perforations log interpretation is not critical. It is intended to make pulling out wireline tools easier by offering a guiding surface for the toolstring to re-enter the tubing without getting caught on the side of the shoe. This technique is limited to land operations and depths of approximately 8, ft. Bottomhole pressure and temperature gauges. This is done by running perforation guns to blast holes in the casing or liner to make a connection.


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